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skybluedays asked you:

♚ ♠ ♝ n_n

What did you dream about in the last dream you can recall?

i actually just had a dream! i was meeting my girlfriend for the very first time. these dreams make me sad though because i’m usually twice my normal size lmao. i guess because i have a lot of body issues and i’m scared more than anything when i do meet her because i hate my body so much. so i’ve restarted the painfully slow process of losing weight again. and in the dream we kissed and cuddled and did other nice things ehehe. it was a pretty good dream. :3

What are your top five favorite songs?

i don’t really have a top five favorite ~of all time~ (although my last.fm will tell you want i’ve listened to the most) but i have been listening to some songs a lot lately!

  1. Stellar - 로켓걸 (Rocket Girl) (Feat. Eric)
  2. BB.Boys – 우리 잘 될것 같아 (Feat. G.NA)
  3. Nine Muses - 휘가로 (Figaro)
  4. 씨스타 (Sistar) - So Cool
  5. Dal★Shabet – 블링블링 (Bling Bling)

Honorable Mentions/My Summer Jams lol:

  • Block B - Tell Them
  • 2NE1 - I Am The Best
  • T-ara - Roly Poly
  • Hyuna - Bubble Pop!
  • Super Junior - Mr. Simple
  • Teen Top - No More Perfume on You
  • Infinite - Be Mine
  • Girl’s Day - Hug Me Once
  • GP Basic - Jelly Pop
  • Seo In Guk - Shake It Up
  • Twilight - Without U
  • Chi Chi - Longer
  • Piggy Dolls - The Girl I Know

What is the book you are currently reading? Do you like it so far?

i just finished a book i had been working on yesterday! it was the first of the percy jackson & the olympians series: the lightning thief by rick riordan. i loved it! i saw the movie (sort of) and thought it was really cheesy, but i had already purchased the book and i was taken by surprise! i loved the style. and it was much better than the movie, ofc as books normally are. really fantastic.


harumao asked you:


♕ Why do you love whom you love?

i love a lot of people in different ways but ofc i’m going to pick my girlfriend. ;~; i love her… because we’re really comfortable around each other? online, i mean. i’m not sure how it’s going to work out irl (although i imagine lol) because we’re both shy poops and i think i’m 100 times more awkward. and it’s really kind of hard for me to talk? if we ever talk on the phone i mostly just laugh, all embarrassed, because i don’t know what to say. but after awhile she loosens me up. she’s really smart and funny (she can always make me laugh). we’ve known each other for such a long time! we kind of have a long and complicated history. i think she’s scared because we have such different interests now… and she thinks i’m only attracted to asians or something (WHICH I’M NOT!!) or that i’ll get tired of her. but i love her so much and i just want her to be happy and healthy and in my arms. :’(

♘ What are your biggest annoyances about people on Tumblr?

oh jesus, don’t get me started. i think because so many people annoy me in general that i get super frustrated online and on tumblr. no matter how much i try to approach people with an open mind and all the consideration in the world. people will no doubt rub me the wrong way.

i hate assholes. those outright nasty people that think if they’re mean or rude people will like them. and sometimes it works? most definitely if that person is a guy and i can’t stand to see it. OF COURSE, some people just have personalities like that. they’ll say, “this is just who i am!!” so fine, if you say so. but i really don’t like it. i hate when people bash artists. yeah, poking a little fun is fine. that’s approaching the fandom like a rational human being. but saying how much a group sucks or is copying another group… i just don’t understand? the internet gives people the freedom for people to be bullies without suffering any consequences. i was bullied on here. it’s hard for me to trust people now. i’m more reserved.

it also annoys me how gullible people are. if it’s on tumblr, they’ll believe it without even checking for a source. i get second hand embarrassment.

♙ Would you rather relive your worst memory or face your biggest fear?

hmm, that’s a hard one. i think most days, i relive my worst memories in my head? i know it’s probably not as bad as actually going through it again. but i feel like my biggest fear… is actually meeting my girlfriend lmao. no matter how fucking bad i want to (so bad) i’m just absolutely terrified that she will be disgusted by me. i hate my body that much. :( but it’s going to happen. if not by my graduation, idk.

♡ What are your top five favorite movies?

gahh. i really don’t have a top five? of anything lmao. but some of my favorites are kokuhaku, the harry potter movies, spirited away, slumdog millionaire, ghost world, shaun of the dead, hard candy, etc. etc.


Anonymous asked you:

♚ ♝ ♠ ♡

♣ When/why was the last time you felt like punching someone in the face?

this actually happens a lot, i’m pretty sure i have anger issues. i want to get so physically violent sometimes. so if i’m pissed, i think it’s best to leave me alone. i can’t really think of anything specific though? but it’s usually just people pissing me off.


hurhurhurderp asked you:

♜ What is the last joke at which you can remember laughing?

i don’t even knowww! man, i have the worst memory ever. it was probably something on tumblr. OH WAIT! i remember now. it wasn’t really a joke, but i watched an episode of midnight idols and this part had me dying. i was laughing so hard. that and the b1a4 practice video they released. loool.


xingoffthedays asked you:

♚ What did you dream about in the last dream you can recall?

already answered cutie pewp! we did some pretty x-rated things.


nanachoi asked you:

♔ Why did you cry the last time you cried?

i don’t even remember tbh. ;__; i know lately i’ve been so frustrated with school about to start that i WANT to cry. but i haven’t really. i’m just completely broke after paying stupid hospital bills and they haven’t emailed me about a refund check so i have no idea how i’m going to pay for my textbooks and i’m probably not going to graduate on time and i’ll lose a really awesome loan i got ksjldfhlkjsdh /ALL MY WORRIES THAT MAKE ME WANT TO CRY lol :(


yeozoh asked you:

♖ ♛

♖ If you could change five things about yourself physically, what would they be?

i’d weigh less/have a more proportional body. actually that’s the ONLY thing i really want to change about myself.

♛ Why do you hate the person you hate most?

ooh, that’s intense. there’s a lot of people in my life i definitely resent. there’s not specifically one person i hate. but rather, a group of people. like i sort of mentioned before. they bullied me and treated me like shit when i thought they were my friends. i know i shouldn’t really hold that anger, but it still hurts. also, my ex boyfriend. who was emotionally abusive and detached me from a lot of my friends at the time (including my current girlfriend). we were together for such a long time, he was awful to me, got interested in other girls, dumped me, and then proceeded to use me for sex (which i couldn’t say no to yet) and then stalk me after i cut ties with him. i was pretty scared for my well-being. i had to change my number and thankfully we moved and he still doesn’t know where i live right now. if i ever see him in person again, i will probably cry. i think i’m scared more than anything. actually, going back to a question i had earlier, THAT’S probably my biggest fear. and i never want to face that again.

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